Le point sur le haut débit universel en Europe (FI, ES, SE)

Finlande: Ministry of transport and Communications, More speed for broadband universal service, lvm.fi, 18 mars 2015

Espagne: « A tender to select the operator responsible for the 1Mbps nationwide universal service in November 2011 meanwhile saw Movistar as the only operator to place a bid, following which it was granted the universal service provision licence for the period 2012-2016; since the start of that period the telco has been obliged to provide connectivity at 1Mbps to anyone that applies for such a service. Under the terms of the licence, the maximum prices that the telco can charge for a 1Mbps broadband connection over an existing line is EUR38.10 for set-up and EUR19.90 per month. » (telegeography.com)

Suède: « All 800MHz concessions awarded in March 2011 are valid up to 31 December 2035. Two other participants – cableco Com Hem and wireless broadband operator Net 1 (under its registered name Netett Sverige) – failed to win any frequencies. The PTS expressed the general aim that services of 1Mbps or faster would be provided by winners of the 800MHz licences to further a goal of adopting 1Mbps as a ‘universal’ broadband access speed nationwide. » (telegeography.com)

« Swedish regulator Post & Telestyrelsen (PTS) has once again ordered Net4Mobility (N4M), a 50/50 infrastructure joint venture of Telenor Sweden and Tele2 Sweden, to implement overdue rural coverage targets on its shared 800MHz 4G LTE mobile network, having been issued its frequency concession in March 2011. Under its 800MHz digital dividend licensing conditions, by end-2013 N4M was supposed to have covered a list of 471 specific premises addresses in rural/remote areas lacking broadband access, representing 75% of the total list of 628 addresses, representing Sweden’s last remaining homes/businesses unserved by broadband at speeds of at least 1Mbps. Having previously issued a directive to complete the belated rollouts, the PTS’ latest order says that N4M must cover at least 50 of the listed addresses by 30 June 2015, an additional 50 addresses by 30 September 2015, and a further 65 addresses by 30 November 2015. » (telegeography.com)



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